Up the river without a mast

Moving Duyfken to her summer home at the South of Perth Yacht Club is no small exercise.

The journey up river on November 8 only took 40 minutes from Sardine Wharf in Fremantle to the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club but there was a whole lot of work and preparation involved to ensure she could make it under the two major bridges:

  • All the rigging was released and the yards were lowered on the deck.
  • It took just over one hour for a 15-tonne capacity to lift the three masts and bowsprit and place them on the ship’s deck.
  • All the spars were then strapped down for the voyage under motor from Fremantle to the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club.

Anchor up!

The ship was a sight travelling down the Fremantle Harbour with large container ships in the background giving real perspective to the size of Duyfken – tiny!!

The voyage upriver to Royal Freshwater Bay YC gave the team of volunteers time to relax and take in the magic vista of this part of the Swan River.

Upon arrival at Royal Freshwater Bay YC, the whole process was repeated again, but in reverse. The crane was once again alongside the ship and the lifting and positioning of the masts was the task at hand.

An hour or so later, Duyfken was on her way to South of Perth YC, arriving around 1.45pm, ready to be bedded down for the night before the crew settled in for a debrief over a cold Gage Roads ‘Little Dove’ beer.

Lifting of the Duyfken Masts

Masts being lifted out of Duyfken to allow her to go under the bridges. Summer berth is now at South of Perth Yacht Club for the twilight sails.

Posted by Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation on Sunday, November 10, 2019