Chevron 2000 Duyfken Expedition


Master Peter Manthorpe,

Your are instructed by the Duyfken Foundation of Fremantle to sail our ship on an expedition of re-discovery, the 2000 Chevron Duyfken Expedition.


You will sail north from Fremantle visiting site of historic significance and visiting communities along the Western Australian coast. From Broome your course will take you to Indonesia, following the old spice trading routes to Banda. You will then re-enact the voyage of 1605-1606 to the Pennefather River in the Gulf of Carpentaria. From there you will conduct an extensive exhibition tour of Queensland.


As representatives of the Duyfken Foundation you will:

  • Act as ambassadors for the Foundation and the people of Australia
  • Represent with pride the countless number of people who have made Duyfken a reality
  • Sail Duyfken and maintain the vessel in excellent condition
  • Build friendships between the people of Australia, Indonesia and the Netherlands and an understanding of our shared history
  • Bring the story of the 1606 voyage to the awareness of the wider community
  • Encourage visitors to the ship and the exhibition
The Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation wishes you and your crew fair winds and good sailing on this historic expedition.

On April 8 2000, Duyfken left Fremantle harbour and began her voyage of re-enactment which culminated nine months later in Brisbane, Queensland.