Meet the Crew

Permanent Crew

Alan Campbell, Engineer

Anton Taminiau, Chef

Bree Kidd, Cook (Fremantle to Eden)

Cian Pereira, Shore Manager

David Wallace, Shore crew

Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation


Peter Tagliaferri


Charles La Macchia


John Longley

Graeme Cocks

David Kerbey

Geoff Halstead

Michael Young

Malcolm Hay

Paul Masten

Geoffrey Leach

Gary Wilson,

Lee Schiller, Captain's Clerk

Mike Dallen, former 1st
Mate (from WA to QLD)

Stuart Gralton - Bosun

Toby Greenlees, Relief Captain

Fremantle to Esperance

Adey Jackson, Leading Hand

Ady tidies the ropes

Ady, Anton, David

Bree's Birthday



Gary, Anton, Russel, Neil

Hauling the Anchor

Leg 1: Fremantle To Esperance

Mick Newman,

Alan Campbell,

Gary Wilson,

Vic Sullivan,

David Wallace,

Bree Kidd,

Russell Wilson,

Anton Taminiau,

Peter van der Gaauw,

Sandy Walker,

Phillipa Prior.

Mick Newman, Relief 1st Mate

Neil on watch

Philippa, Neil & Sandy

Russ & Sails

Russell Wilson, Hand

Sandy Walker

Vic Sullivan, Curator

Esperance to Adelaide from Adelaide

Crew in Port Fairy

Back row::

Kelly Henderson, Cian Pereira, Stuart(bosun)

Middle row: :

Wes Lenghouse, Kit Woodward (2nd Mate), Fiona Lloyd, Clare Ainsworth(Leading Hand)


David Wallace(bosun), Bree Kidd(cook), Vic Sullivan (curator), Alan Campbell(engineer), Jade Kops(Leading Hand), Mike Dallen(1st Mate), Tom, Gary Wilson(Master) Jocelyn Newman and Nick Storey are missing from this picture.

Fiona, Mike, Jade

Fiona Lloyd (volunteer crew),

Mike Dallen (1st Mate) and

Jade Kops (Leading Hand).