2016 Hartog 400th Anniversary Voyage

Western Australia will mark the 400th anniversary of Dutch VOC captain Dirk Hartog's landing at Dirk Hartog Island off Shark Bay on the Western Australian coast with a series of community events and celebrations in October next year.

The Western Australian Premier has announced a commemorative voyage by the Duyfken replica along the Western Australian coast to Cape Inscription on Dirk Hartog Island, to take part in the commemorations. The Duyfken will then moor in Denham at Shark Bay for the period of the commemoration for public tours.

Media Announcement from Government of Western Australia

Hartog's landing in 1616 is significant because he left behind a pewter plate inscribed with a record of his visit, the oldest such physical evidence of European contact with Australia. This anniversary provides a real opportunity for Australians to learn more about the Dirk Hartog story and our early maritime history.
Duyfken's voyage along the Western Australian coast will include a number of port visits when the ship will be open to the the public and school visits. 

Crew training is now underway for the voyage next September and October.

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