Since it's first sail on July 10 1999, the Duyfken replica has completed four major sea-going voyages. 

This page brings together a huge historical resource of images, articles and log entries from these voyages. We will continue to update these pages with current information on future voyages so be sure to check back regularly.

2016 Hartog 400th Anniversary Voyage

A commemorative voyage along the Western Australian coast to Cape Inscription on Dirk Hartog Island off Shark Bay is planned for October 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary  of the first European landing on the West Coast of Australia, by Dutch VOC captain Dirk Hartog in 1616.

Past Voyages

Chevron 2000 Duyfken Expedition

From Fremantle in Western Australia north through the Spice Islands (Maluku Province, Indonesia to Banda, the departure point for the original voyage in 1606),and from there re-enacted the voyage of 1605-1606 to the Pennefather River in the Gulf of Carpentaria


2002 VOC Duyfken Voyagie

An epic 11 month voyage from Sydney on the East Coast of Australia to Jakarta, Indonesia, across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka, Mauritius and South Africa before sailing north across the Atlantic Ocean to The Netherlands

1606-2006 Australia on the Map Voyage

To mark the 400th anniversary of the first documented European contact with Australia, Duyfken embarked on a historic voyage visiting 25 ports around Australia

2012 Homecoming Voyage - Sydney to Fremantle

After a period of six years absence from her home port of Fremantle spent sailing the south and east coasts of Australia, Duyfken made the 5 month voyage 'across the top' and down the West coast to return home in September 2012.