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Tour Guides

Tour guides conduct regular tours and organised events for all age groups. Prospective guides complete training in operational aspects, guiding techniques, evacuation procedures and information about the ship and the historical period of the original Duyfken. Guides are invited to complete further training in leading school tours. This will include specific techniques in engaging with children and particularly in the use of hands-on activities that highlight shipboard life.

Guides and prospective guides should familiarise themselves with the Duyfken Child Protection Policy


Volunteers have a responsibility to themselves, their colleagues and their supervisor to act fairly, safely and with respect for the needs of the Duyfken Foundation.  For further information please read the Volunteer Code of Conduct and the Volunteer Responsibility Statement

Download the

Volunteer Handbook 2016 Volunteer Handbook 2016 (714 KB)

    Apply to become a Volunteer

    You can apply to become a Duyfken volunteer by completing the online Volunteer Application Form or by downloading the Volunteer Application Form Volunteer Application Form, filling it out and following the instructions.

    Enquiries: administration@duyfken.com or 0427 160 606.