Duyfken Education Program *** NEW LOCATION AT AQWA, HILLARYS ***


The Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation has signed a three-year partnership agreement with the Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) - an agreement that will see Duyfken on exhibition at AQWA, Hillarys in the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 from April to October in each of those years.  So, this will be the new location for the Duyfken Education Experience for schools that has previously been available in Fremantle.

The Duyfken replica sailing ship was built in Fremantle to tell the story of the first European vessel to make landfall with the Australian continent in 1606, and at the same time presenting an opportunity for students to learn more about the maritime history and life at sea 400 years ago. Today,  Duyfken serves as a wonderful external classroom by offering an educational program that aligns with the HASS section of the WA Curriculum, and in particular, the Year 4 curriculum that focuses on:

•  History – First Contact – How the major sea journeys of early Dutch mariners shaped the knowledge of the Indian Ocean, the Spice Islands of the East Indies and the previously unknown continent now known as Australia. This, together with how these early European contacts with Aboriginal people impacted Aboriginal society.

•  Civics and Citizenship – the difference between rules and laws and how they applied to maintaining order on a 12-month sailing voyage. The role of the Captain and First Mate in administering the ship rules and the consequences of non-compliance.

•  Geography – the location of major countries in relation to Australia, and the challenges of differing climatic conditions between Europe and Oceania and in particular the Spice Islands.

On board Duyfken and at the outdoor interactive marquee, students will become crew members of a Dutch trading ship about to voyage south in search of spices and other treasures. They will be encouraged to take charge of their own learning through questioning, analysing, evaluating, reflecting and problem solving leading to further research back in the classroom. 

Student Numbers:

To provide students with the best possible experience aboard Duyfken, numbers are capped at 30 primary school students with a minimum of 4 supervising adults for each group of 30 students.    

Each 60 minute booking time can cater for up to 60 students with 30 students aboard the ship and the other 30 students engaging in a learning experience within the outdoor interactive marquee.  The groups will spend 25 minutes at each location, with a 10 minute interval to move between the exhibition centre and Duyfken.

Tour Times:


Term 1:  Duyfken is unavailable for school tours during Term 1.

Term 2: 29 April - 5 July 2019     

Term 3
: 22 July - 27 September 2019

Term 4
: Duyfken is unavailable for school tours during Term 4.

Tour Options and Pricing:

TOUR 1: DUYFKEN / AQWA COMBO - $17/student
Duration:  up to 3 hours (includes 60 minutes Duyfken Experience)

This package includes entry to AQWA and the school excursion to Duyfken and the exhibition centre.  It entitles your school group to spend up to 3 hours at AQWA, so you get two great experiences for one low price.  This is a discounted product that is made available exclusively to WA schools and home-schoolers who book an excursion Monday-Friday during school term.  Exclude public and school holidays.

Ticket includes:

  • *  The Duyfken Education Experience
*  Entry to AQWA and all the marine based exhibits


ONLY - $200 per group (max 30 students and 4 supervising adults)

Duration:  60 minutes

This option is only for visit on Duyfken and the outdoor exhibition centre.  It does not include access to the rest of the AQWA facilities.

TO BOOK AND FOR FURTHER DETAILS:  Contact the Duyfken Office on 0427 160 606 or email  

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