May 2013 

Welcome to the May 2013 edition of the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation newsletter. Please read on to find out what the Little Dove has been up to over the past month...

Duyfken Closed for Refit… All Hands on Deck!
Refit begins tomorrow! Duyfken will be lifted out of the water and onto the hard bright and early on Monday May 27, commencing a two-week refit period for the ship. Duyfken will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC during this time, reopening on June 10. Duyfken Volunteers - please contact to register your interest in helping out during refit and to organise a time to complete a site induction. 

Of course, upkeep of the ship is an ongoing task, and Duyfken Bosun, Andrew Bibby, along with Maintenance Volunteer, Jim Dixon, welcome all volunteers who are willing to lend a hand to the ship’s Thursday maintenance program, which will resume once refit is completed. Want to help out but not available Thursdays? No problem! Come down anytime from Wednesday through to Sunday and Andrew will gladly find you a task – rest assured, there will always be something you can do!   

Not yet a Duyfken Volunteer? Click here to find out more about becoming involved!

December 2012 Busy Bee: Duyfken Volunteers 
scrape the hull in preparation for oiling.

Duyfken Heralds Start of 
Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally
Tickets to Duyfken's first public sail for 2013 were snapped up in next to no time, and on Saturday 4th May, 12 lucky passengers joined the crew aboard Duyfken to experience a close-up view of the start of the Fremantle to Bali Race and RallyThousands of onlookers lining the North Mole and Fremantle beaches were treated to a Parade of Sail by the 33 competing yachts against the stunning backdrop of hundreds of spectator craft, including our own Little Dove. 

 Duyfken passengers look on as the competing yachts set sail for Bali.

'Brace' Yourselves... The Tall Ships Are Coming!

Australia's tall ship community is gearing up for an exciting time, with tall ships from all over the world currently voyaging their way across the oceans towards Sydney, to join Australia in celebrating the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney Harbour. Over 1,000 places are now available for crew to join the adventure of a lifetime!

On their way to Sydney, the tall ships will visit Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart, culminating in a glorious entry into Sydney Harbour on October 3, where the ships will rendezvous for a tall ship festival and the International Fleet Review. Australia will wave goodbye to the tall ship fleet a few days later as they set sail and race to Auckland, New Zealand! 

As part of these celebrations, Fremantle will be visited this winter by Lord Nelson from the UK (arriving June 20), Dewaruci from Indonesia (arriving in August), and (we hope!) three Dutch ships - Bark Europa, Tecla and Oosterschelde (expected arrival July 27 - details to be confirmed). The Dutch ships will make a special voyage to the Abrolhos Islands and the site of the Batavia wreck - why not join the crew?

The rare sight of several tall ships sailing in company...  
 Do not miss the unique opportunity to take part in the upcoming celebrations!

All the Sundowner News
Friends of the Duyfken members were invited to 'Bring a friend to meet the Friends' to the May Sundowner on Friday May 10th.  Guests wore red, blue and white (the colours of the national flag of the Netherlands) and orange (the royal colour) to celebrate the crowning of the new Dutch king, Willem Alexander van Oranje-Nassau. 

May Sundowner revellers, clockwise from top left: 'King' Andrew and new Friend member Vikki were unofficially announced as best-dressed; Casey (right) poses by the whipstaff with his guest; Bob Crouch (right) enjoyed showing off Duyfken to his brother Frank;  Mirjam (right) looks happy to see Finn who is back in town and helping out for a few weeks.

The June Sundowner will be held at the Duyfken jetty at 5:30pm on Friday 14th June. Friends of the Duyfken members are once again invited to bring along a friend! Please also BYO drinks and a plate to share. 

Held on the second Friday of every month, the Sundowners are organised by the Friends of the Duyfken, which recently appointed Mirjam Hilgeman to the role of Social Coordinator. Mirjam is supported in this role by a bunch of new and enthusiastic committee members.

Duyfken features in 2013 Naplan tests
A piece of text about the Duyfken featured in the recent Naplan Literacy tests for Year 5s and Year 7s, which students all over Australia sat last week. It seems Little Dove has finally found her place within the new Australian Curriculum... Huzzah! It is encouraging to note that more and more Australians are becoming aware of Duyfken's significance in the history of our nation, as the first known European ship to, in 1606, land and chart part of the fabled 'great southern land'. That was a whole 164 years before Captain Cook arrived!

Duyfken in Have a Go News

Stories about Duyfken continue to feature monthly in Have a Go NewsJohn Longley's personal story recounting his relationship with Duyfken was published in the April edition - read it here! 
A board member of the Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation, John Longley has been sailing for most of his life, competing in five America's Cups including Australia's record-breaking 1983 win. John went on to lead the team that built the replica of the HMB Endeavour and he has since become a key member of the Duyfken family. 

September 2012: John perches on Duyfken's beak as she sails
 into home port Fremantle for the first time in six years.

Thank You Duyfken Volunteers
May 13 to 19 was National Volunteer Week! Duyfken could not survive without the generous contributions of our passionate volunteers who devote their time every week to help out on Duyfken with guiding, shipkeeping and maintenance. The Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation would like to extend sincere gratitude to all Duyfken Volunteers, with extra special thanks to Bruce White, Jim Dixon, David Bowden, Barry Griffin, Beverley Pietersen, Jill Millman, David Broadfoot, Roy Stall, Bob Meredith, Kate Ruben, Peggy Rogers, Gail Thornton and Frank Talen and Mirjam Hilgeman for their dedicated support. Thank you so much!

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