Sail Aboard Duyfken to Welcome Dutch Tall Ships  


Excitement is building within the local tall ship community, with our Dutch visitors – tall ships Bark Europa, Oosterschelde and Tecla - due to arrive in Fremantle on either the 26th or 27th of July (date TBC). Duyfken will be an official member of the welcoming flotilla and  are invited to join us for this special daysail! At a cost of $150 and with only 12 spaces available, these places will go quickly. Submit an online enquiry to reserve your spot NOW! The ships will be open to the public during their Fremantle visit before heading to the Abrolhos to visit the Batavia wreck site. There are still berths available for public to join the ships on this special voyage! Or why not consider jumping aboard one of our visiting ships, or almost 20 other international and Australian tall ships, on one of several voyage legs around Australia, as the ships make their way from their home ports across to Sydney for the International Fleet Review and Tall Ships Festival in October. Perhaps you’d enjoy the challenge of racing from Sydney to Auckland in the Australasian Tall Ship Regatta on October 10! Visit or become a part of the celebrations on Facebook to find out more about these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.                                                                                                           

Bark Europa  

                                        A Royal Visit to Refit

Foundation Chairperson, Graeme Cox (left) and ship Constable, Mirjam Hilgeman (right),  show Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parme (centre) around Duyfken. (Photo by Mike Lefroy).
On Thursday June 27th, Duyfken was privileged to receive a visit from Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parme, nephew of King Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau (the new King of the Netherlands). The Prince was treated to a tour of the ship at Fremantle Boat Lifters, while our Little Dove sat on the hard undergoing refit. As the Prince negotiated his way around her wooden deck, littered with paint shavings and scrapers, he chatted informally with Duyfken crew, board members and volunteers. 

Duyfken Back in the Water... Refit Continues at Berth

Yesterday Duyfken was lifted from the hard at Fremantle Boat Lifters and placed gently back in the water - motoring around the corner back to her home behind Little Creatures, where she is now happily tied up. Refit will continue at the berth for at least another week and the ship is thus still CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC until Monday 15 JulyWith July now upon us, Duyfken has entered her fourth week of refit – somewhat longer than anticipated! Andrew Bibby (Bosun) and Mirjam Hilgeman (Constable) have been keeping themselves and their team of dedicated volunteers very busy with scraping, painting, sanding, drying out and inspecting the hull, replacing leaking seams, oiling yards, and applying a new coat of antifouling paint, which slows the growth of damaging organisms that attach to the hull. “A unique vessel such as Duyfken presents unique challenges”, says Mirjam Hilgeman, explaining that Duyfken's time on the hard took longer than expected as the ship was awaiting the "custom fabricated parts" needed to replace both the raw water system and the starboard propeller shaft. Andrew confidently assures us that these significant improvements - now completed - will see Duyfken sail safely and boldly through “the next 15 to 20 years”. During the next week or so at the berth, the refit team will be focussed on completing remaining odd tasks to a high standard to get the ship prepared for her survey inspection. Andrew and Mirjam would like to thank the amazing bunch of volunteers who have been assisting with refit; most particularly Bob Meredith, Frank Talen, Stewart Jackson, Freek Bijlsma, Jim Dixon, Robin Chester and Bruce White. And to Duyfken's loyal patrons, thank you for your patience while refit is completed safely and thoroughly. Our Little Dove will soon be fit for a (Dutch) king!                                                                                                             


Duyfken is lifted out of the water at the start of refit on May 27 (top); and barnacles, other growth and the old coat of antifouling paint are water blasted from under the waterline of the ship's hull (bottom). (Photos by Julie Fedele).                                                  




                                         Duyfken in the News

Valued Duyfken volunteers, Gail Thornton (right, in costume aboard Duyfken) and Stewart Jackson, shared their Duyfken story with Have a Go News in the June edition of the newspaper. And in the paper’s May edition, Jennifer Merrigan described her fantastic sailing experience aboard Duyfken, joining crew and passengers on May 4 to witness the start of the Fremantle to Bali Race and Rally.                                           Duyfken has also snuck her way into the Holland Focus Magazine - volunteers David Bowden and Julie Fedele delighted in finding their 15 seconds of fame within the pages of the May/June edition! Find these articles, and others, on our website by clicking here                                                        

Sail on Lord Nelson

As part of the tall ship festival, Fremantle will also be visited by British tall ship, STS Lord Nelson (left). Commissioned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust in 1986, Lord Nelson offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to sail. Lord Nelson arrives in Fremantle on July 20 and will be on display to the public before continuing her journey around the bottom end of Australia to Adelaide and beyond to Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney and Auckland. Berths for most legs are still available. Book your dream sail here!

Next Sundowner
                                                                    Details will soon be announced for the next Duyfken Sundowner. Members of the Friends of the Duyfken are welcome and encouraged to bring along guests! Stay tuned…                                                                  

                                                                    Visit our website to discover more about becoming a Friend of the Duyfken.  


The Duyfken Dream DVD

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Duyfken glowing in sunset's light, on the hard at Fremantle Boat Lifters. 
(Photo by Julie Fedele).
.... With Love from the Dove ...

Duyfken glowing in sunset's light, 
on the hard at Fremantle Boat Lifters.

Duyfken glowing in sunset's light, 
on the hard at Fremantle Boat Lifters.
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