My Visit to Duyfken

A model & a real schooner of Skipper Karsten

First picture shows a Dutch Mercant Model-Ship I am working on at the moment (size 1.10m x 0.20m x 0.75m)
Second picture shows my traditional two mast gaff schooner which is now my home. Best Regards, Karsten Gabler

Brian Needham

Three of my best Duyfken memories. The ship at 8.2 knots crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria. At one point she hit 9.5 although there may have been a bit of current running our way !. The engine room doors WITH hinges after years of struggle. Anyone who has had to open and close those doors several hundred times in a rolling seaway will know just how important those hinges are. Lastly the ship in Darwin at sunset. Beautiful as only Duyfken can be. Cheers Brian

Charles Kosina

On Friday, 14 November, 2014 at 1721. No sails unfortunately.




Duyfken model made from paper by Isabella who is in Grade 3 in Chelsea, Victoria as part of project on early explorers of Australia. She chose Willem Janszoon as her explorer.