Duyfken Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Duyfken Foundation Volunteers’ Code of Conduct requires that a Duyfken volunteer when undertaking volunteer tasks must:

  • Behave honestly, reliably and with integrity in the course of volunteering.
  • Act with care and diligence.
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy and without harassment.
  • Comply with all applicable Australian laws including occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation.
  • Comply with any lawful and reasonable directions given by the Volunteer Coordinator who has authority to give the direction.
  • Not make improper use of volunteering at the Duyfken order to gain or seek to gain a benefit or advantage including the acceptance of gratuities.
  • Be willing to undertake tasks for the Duyfken Foundation and attend training courses as required.
  • If unable to perform rostered duty, notify Volunteers’ Coordinator or staff supervisor as soon as possible to enable alternative arrangements to be made.
  • Be available to volunteer on a regular basis, except where an exemption has been sought and agreed by the Volunteers’ Coordinator.

Breaches of Volunteer Code of Conduct

The issue will be discussed with the individual concerned and an opportunity will be given to respond. Breaches of the code may result in volunteers being excluded from the program. Any incidents must be reported immediately to the Volunteer Coordinator.