Duyfken Volunteer Application Form

In addition to contact and personal details, information on this form will enable Foundation management to gain a better understanding of your skills, interests, knowledge and experience that maybe of benefit to the Duyfken Foundation.

Note: All Volunteers of the Duyfken must be members of the Duyfken Foundation.

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Personal Details


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Maritime Background:

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Volunteer Security Update Acknowledgement & Declaration

I agree that any participation in the Duyfken Volunteers Program creates an obligation to carry out tasks at the direction of staff and to the standards of the Duyfken Foundation.

I understand that I am engaged as a volunteer by the Duyfken Foundation and either party can end the arrangement at will.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all policies and content attachments highlighted in the Duyfken Foundation’s Guide Program and Handbook 2016 and that I am committed to meeting their requirements.

I have declared all information that might prevent me from doing any agreed tasks in a satisfactory way.

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