Ship’s specifications

Duyfken has been designed as an authentic replica. Although the rudder is small and the tiller turns the rudder through a limited arc, the ship manoeuvres well and tacks easily. Rigging, including the standing rigging, is hemp rope. She easily makes 4 knots in moderate conditions and frequently reaches 7 knots.

It is believed to be the only ship operating in the world using a traditional Dutch whipstaff or ‘kolderstok’ for steering.

  • Length Keel
  • Length between Stem and Sternpost
  • Length Beakhead to Taffrail
  • Maximum beam
  • Height of Stern above waterline
  • Draft, deep laden
  • Depth in hold
  • Estimated displacement, deep laden
    110 tonnes
  • Sail area
    2902m (31002ft)
  • Rig
    Three masted, square for and main, lateen mizzen
  • Planking below waterline
  • Planking above waterline
  • Framing timbers
    200 x 200mm, 400mm "room and space".

Modern-day additions

To comply with government regulations, the ship has been fitted with
engines for propulsion and bilge pumps, electronic navigation equipment and a modern toilet.

It also uses lead ballast instead of the bricks used in the original. In addition, the galley uses modern cooking equipment and refrigeration.

The ship’s sails are now made of Duradon, a material that replicates the classic look of the original flax canvas but contains a durable rot and water-resistant finish. Duradon was used to help reduce substantial maintenance costs.