The Duyfken Education Experience


Available: Terms 2 and 3 (currently closed due to Covid-19)

Location: The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys (map)

The Duyfken replica sailing ship was built to raise awareness about the first European vessel to visit Australia in 1606.

As a working ship, and floating museum, Duyfken provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about Europe’s earliest recorded history of Australia.

The Duyfken Education Experience serves as a wonderful external classroom, offering an educational program that aligns with the HASS section of the WA Curriculum, and in particular, the Year 4 syllabus.

Join the crew

Once aboard Duyfken, students will become ‘crew members’ of a Dutch trading ship about to voyage south in search of spices and other treasures.

They will be encouraged to take charge of their own learning through questioning, analysing, evaluating, reflecting and problem solving leading to further research back in the classroom.

The Duyfken Education Experience includes:

History – first contact

This unit covers how Dutch mariners shaped European knowledge of the Indian Ocean and the continent we now know as Australia. Also covered are early European contacts with Aboriginal people and how these interactions impacted Aboriginal society.

Civics and citizenship

This unit covers the importance of rules in maintaining good order amongst the crew when aboard a sailing ship for a 12-month sailing voyage. Of importance is the role of the Captain and First Mate in administering the ship rules and the consequences of non-compliance.


This unit covers the location of major countries in relation to Australia, and the challenges of the differing climatic conditions between Europe and Oceania, and in particular the Spice Islands. How did these early adventurers adapt to the changing conditions that they encountered?


Duyfken’s location for school tours (during terms 2 and 3 only)

AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia
91 Southside Drive Hillarys WA 6025

(currently closed due to Covid-19)

Book your School Excursion


$17 per student

This package includes entry to AQWA together with the Duyfken Education Experience. It entitles your school group to spend up to 3 hours at AQWA, which will include your 45 – minute Duyfken tour and 2 hours and 15 minutes to explore the aquarium exhibits … so you get two great experiences for one low price.

Here is an outline of what will be on offer:


  • The Duyfken school guides offer an interactive educational experience aboard the ship which is all set up inside the grounds of AQWA.
  • Each 45 – minute session can cater for up to 30 students aboard the ship. Once aboard, the groups will be split into two smaller groups of up to 15 students. Each group will spend around 20 minutes on the main deck and then a further 20 minutes below deck in the main hold of the ship, with 5 minutes to move from one location to the next.

AQWA EXPERIENCE – For School Groups

  • AQWA provides an enthralling educational experience that takes in all the marine exhibits and water-based displays. Handouts to support the experience will be provided to each student. Students will have up to 2 ¼ to explore the numerous displays and water exhibits.


  1. The Duyfken/AQWA Combo Package tours are available Monday to Friday commencing at 10.00am with school groups to arrive by 9.45am.
  2. The program can cater for up to three school groups of 30 students per group.
  3. When three groups are booked in, this is the sequence that will be followed:
    • 10am: Group 1 – commences their tour aboard Duyfken, with Groups 2 and 3 heading off to begin their AQWA Experience.
    • 10.45am: Group 1 leaves Duyfken and Group 2 commences their tour of the ship whilst Groups 1 and 3 continue with their AQWA Experience
    • 11.30am: Group 2 leaves Duyfken and Group 3 commences their tour of the ship whilst Groups 1 and 2 continue with their AQWA Experience.
    • 12.15pm: Group 3 completes their tour of the ship and re-joins Groups 1 and 2 inside AQWA.
    • 1.00pm: all tours are complete and students can prepare to return to school.


Supervising Adults ‘Free of Charge’

In addition, a set number of supervising teachers /parent helpers are offered FREE entry at the following ratios:

  • K-Year 3: 5 students – 1 free adult (20 students – 4 free adults)
  • Years 4-12: 30 students – 4 free adults (15 students – 2 free adults)
  • High school: 30 students – 4 free adults (15 students – 2 free adults).


Please note that the Duyfken Onboard Ship Tour requires a minimum of 4 supervising adults per group of 30 children.

Additional teachers/parent helpers on the excursion that are not included in the Free of Charge ratios, can purchase additional adult entry tickets at the discounted rate of just $27 per person as part of the school excursion booking.

How to book

To book your Duyfken/AQWA Combo Educational Package,
please contact Pic Lee Song at the Duyfken office on M: 0427 160 606 or

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*This is a discounted product that is made available exclusively to WA schools, and home-schoolers who book an excursion Monday-Friday during school terms. Excludes public and school holidays.