Tours of the Duyfken replica

A 17th century learning experience

(Note: tours are currently closed due to Covid-19)

The Duyfken replica is one of the rarest museums in the world.

This working full-scale reproduction of the original Duyfken will transport you back in time 400 years ago, when the Dutch first began sailing across vast oceans thousands of kilometres from land.

You’ll get a hands-on understanding of the first European ship to reach the shores of Australia. You’ll see the primitive conditions the original crew lived in for up to six months as they sailed between Holland and Indonesia’s Spice Islands.

General public

Tours of the Duyfken Replica are available to the general public during winter (April to October) at AQWA (see map below for details).

Opening hours: 10am – to 4pm (last tour at 3.30pm)


Please see information on The Duyfken Education Experience, including times and availability.


Seniors Group Tour and Lunch Packages (bookings only) are available during summer (November to March).

Unlike other museums, you’ll not only see, but also touch and interact with the ship. You’ll also gain a keen understanding of the incredible courage and spirit of the original Duyfken’s crew as they endured harsh and dangerous conditions in the pursuit of personal fortune.

As you tour the ship, you’ll hear about the original Duyfken’s adventures, including how it became the first European ship to reach Australia as well as the battles it took part in.

Through this tangible connection with the past, visitors discover how:


The Duyfken Replica is open to the GENERAL PUBLIC for tours during winter only (April to October) at:

AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia
91 Southside Drive, Hillarys WA 6025