The Ship

Duyfken is the only fully-seagoing Dutch 'Age of Discovery' vessel sailing in the world, pre-dating Captain Cook's ship Endeavour by almost 170 years.

She is in good condition, having been completed in 1999 and thoroughly trialled after 8,500 nautical miles of sailing through Australian and Indonesian waters on the 2000 Duyfken Expedition.

Duyfken has been designed as an authentic replica. The installation of modern machinery and extra ballasting was undertaken to comply with survey requirements after initial sailing trials. Duyfken performs well under sail. She easily makes 4 knots in moderate conditions and frequently reaches 7 knots.

Although the rudder is small and the tiller turns the rudder through a limited arc, the ship maneouvers well and tacks easily. Sails are flax and rigging, including the standing rigging, is hemp rope.

Duyfken does carry modern navigational and communications equipment, and a small motor for occasional use to comply with modern maritime law.

Crew facilities on board are extremely basic. For example, the ship does not have freezers, and only a small galley.