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Duyfken has been designed as an authentic replica. Installation of modern machinery and extra ballasting to comply with current survey requirements were undertaken after initial sailing trials. Duyfken performs well under sail. She easily makes 4 knots in moderate conditions and frequently reaches 7 knots.

Although the rudder is small and the tiller turns the rudder through a limited arc, the ship maneouvers well and tacks easily. Sails are flax and rigging, including the standing rigging, is hemp rope.

Length Keel 16.8m
Length between Stem and Sternpost 19.94m
Length Beakhead to Taffrail 25.2m
Maximum beam 6.01m
Height of Stern above waterline 5.5m
Draft, deep laden 2.45m
Depth in hold 2.3m
Estimated displacement, deep laden 110 tonnes
Sail area 2902m (31002ft)
Rig Three masted, square fore and main, lateen mizzen
Planking below waterline 60mm
Planking above waterline 40-50mm
Framing timbers 200 x 200mm, 400mm "room and space".