Spirit of Duyfken


The Spirit of Duyfken is driven by the efforts of our dedicated team of nearly 100 volunteers who contribute to the success of our ship. And the Spirit is good
and strong!

Here then is an update on what we’ve achieved and what’s next:

Sailing Program – despite a bit of a false start to the Twilight Sailing Season, with two engines having to be replaced, the ship was into the swing of it by early
December 2017. Over the season we conducted 68 Twilight Sails, with 1,130 passengers setting foot aboard to enjoy a Duyfken Sailing Experience. Led by Captain
Robin, Engineer Susie and Bosun Andrew, a volunteer group of 50 or so put their hands up on a regular basis to make sure the ship could maintain its timetable of
four sailing days per week. A grand effort all round!! 

Well,the ship is now ready to move back to Fremantle for the Winter Education Program, which kicks off on Monday, 7th May 2018.

Education Program – under the leadership of Cap’n Elly, and training support from Mike Lefroy, our team of 15 School Guides is ready and raring
to go, to deliver a ripper program to Year 4 students from across Perth and some country regions. To date, 75 school groups have booked in, a figure
that translates into 2,116 students.

Over Terms 2 and 3, hundreds of young learners will board the ship to be mesmerised by tales of old, to be fascinated by ancient bricks, and to be
taught the harsh ship punishments – a cat ‘o 9 tails to be sure!

If you want to be part of this valued team, there is still time to put your hand up – send an email to Pic Lee at administration@duyfken.com.

Airbnb – Duyfken Style – have you heard the news? Duyfken now offers single night accommodation packages overlooking the calm waters of the Fremantle Fishing
Boat Harbour.

That’s great news. The ‘special’ package rate that is ….$0.00 – a bargain you’d have to agree! Now, it is BYO everything – that is sleeping bag/swag, dinner, refreshments,
a great attitude, reading material, fishing rod, and a ‘buddy’ if you like, that’s an even better deal – 2 get to stay aboard overnight for the same great rate - $0.00!

The point is, we do need ship-keepers 7 nights per week – every week from now until mid-September 2018. If you haven’t ship-kept before, then we can buddy you up
with one of our more experienced keepers until you get the hang of it.

If you’re interested in partnering up with someone for a ship keeping night out, then let us know at administration@duyfken.com and we’ll look to put some teams together.


Its Spruce Up Time – during the winter months, we plan to get a bunch of ‘chores’ knocked off around the ship. So, we need some vollies for our
maintenance ‘parties’.

The plan is to kick off with the first ‘back to Duyfken’ maintenance party on Saturday, 9th June 2018. Now, there is a cap on party numbers for each day.

We need 4 hands up to assist bosun Andrew. Start time each day is 9am and we hope you can push through until 4pm – the time at which we may just
offer you a refreshment or two!

Here are the dates we could use some help during June.

Sat, 9th June 
Sun, 10th June 
Sat, 16th June 
Sun, 17th June 
Sat, 23rd June 
Sun, 24th June
Sat, 30th June
Sun, 1st July