Sailing This Week - Tuesday & Thursday


David Bowden's sailing team have been fine-tuning the training program. Training on the theory of sailing a tall ship is now included on the morning of a practical (on-board) course. This means that people who have not completed John Longley's theory training course can participate in the practical training course. 

The most immediate impact of this change is that the two training sails being run this week are open to a wider group of Friends of Duyfken. We have enough crew to sail on both Tuesday and Thursday, but there is still room for a few more. Here are the details:

Sail Dates: 

    • Sail 1: Tuesday March 5
    • Sail 2: Thursday March 7
  • Start time: 
    • Crew and Trainees: 08:00
    • Paying passengers: 12:00 
  • End time
    • Crew and Trainees: 17:00 (after berthing, debrief and returning ship to museum mode)
    • Paying passengers: 15:30 (includes tying up time, and be prepared for a later return in the event of delays due to weather, etc)
  • Crew (no charge): 
    • Priority: Friends of Duyfken who wish to train as Duyfken crew, regardless of having completed any training previously.  
  • Paying passengers (numbers limited, pay with cash on the day):
  • Duyfken provides:
    • Drink: Tea, coffee and water
    • Eat: Biscuits, fruit
    • Sunscreen
  • You bring or wear:
    • Note pad and pen
    • Lunch box and snacks to get you through the day 0800 - 1600
    • Water Bottle you will be able to re fill on the ship
    • Old clothing you will get tar on them
    • Closed in shoes , old runners....the like
    • Sun protection, Hat, Sunscreen
    • If you have any questions then get in touch with me, or David Bowden ( or 0421 843 669). 
    • If you wish to register your interest in either of this week's sails then please reply to me by email ( or phone or text (0406 484 269).
    • If you are interested in a future training event, or as a passenger, then please get in touch with me and let me know the sorts of dates that suit you.
    • Regards
    • Bill Porter
    • Volunteer Coordinator