Our First Week Home


We have had a good first week in home port.

The ship is now totally de-stored and the sails are off her. All this gear is now stored.

She has come up about 40 mm so the wales are no longer in the water which is good. The bilges have been cleaned out although they were surprisingly clean.

The engineer is sorting out the remaining engineering problems, mainly pumps and decomissioning the water maker.

We have continued to have great support from the volunteers even during the week days. This afternoon there was a guide orientation that went well and the ship keeping is going fine.

Yesterday the team put the hold back together and then start setting the ship up in museum mode.

We will be all ready to go on Saturday when we open to the public and the weather is looking good for the weekend.

All in all our first week back in Fremantle in six years has been productive and satisfying - especially the overwleming level of support and volunteers we have enjoyed.

It's good to be home.