Great News! The new engines have arrived



Yes…this is good news, as we race forward to have Duyfken back sailing on the Swan River by Friday, 1st December !
It’s quite a large jigsaw puzzle as you’d expect, but each week we tick another box in the project.
From a $$ and cents perspective we’re not there yet.  
Here’s the latest.  We have so far raised $32,110 of our target of $120,000 - so $87,890 to go.



 To date, 157 individual donations have been received via our Crowdffunding campaign, with donations ranging from $25 to $10,000.

Good news received today is that the Australian National Maritime Museum will be adding $11,000 to our total, so that pushes the figure to $43,110.



Now the job IS NOT done.  We are still asking for your $$$ to HELP push the total along.
This is all about many hands reaching out, not leaving it to someone else to do the ‘chipping’ in.

I make the point again - there is no big cheque coming from the State Government, nor is there likely to be a big insurance payout.
So there it is.
I leave it with you to make the choice of whether to support this MOST IMPORTANT of fund raising efforts or simply leave it to others to do the ‘lifting’.
A reminder once again is that your donation is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so you can give the $$ to the Duyfken Foundation or that mob in Canberra – I know where I’d feel more confident in how the money will be used!!

The link is
Thank you in advance of your donation.
Peter Bowman
Chief Executive
Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation