Farewell to Elizabeth Quay

Well, it will be in just a few days time when the Duyfken Exhibition draws to a close on Sunday, March 26.
By the time we close up shop, over 7,000 visitors will have stepped aboard Duyfken to take a tour…and yes, there have been literally thousands more who have stood alongside taking photos of the ship in all her glory.
Duyfken is now firmly planted in the tapestry of the Perth community, those who live here and those who visit from interstate and overseas.
To deliver this Exhibition five days per week, we have had a wonderful team of 26 Exhibition Guides who contributed 415 hours to making this Exhibition tick. They were ably led by our two Team Leaders, Elly and Gail.
A BIG cheer to you all!!!
You’d appreciate that Duyfken is somewhat of a magnet for “interesting” people late at night, who under the influence of a beevy or two, suddenly take on the persona of Johnny Depp – Cap’n Jack Sparrow, climb over our security fence and board Duyfken, only to be repelled by one of our 19 designated ship keepers. These wonderful volunteers choose to camp aboard Duyfken overnight, making sure that the ship remains secure.
A BIG cheer for the ship keepers!!!
So, we begin to de-rig Duyfken from Wednesday, March 29 in preparation for lifting out the masts on Tuesday April 4. It’s a big task, but our team is now well seasoned in this task, so within four hours, the masts will be lying on the deck, and the ship will be ready to motor down the Swan enroute to her Winter berth behind Little Creatures back in Fremantle.

See you in Fremantle!

Peter Bowman
Chief Executive Officer