Educational Visits


Step out of the classroom and into history with a guided tour of the Duyfken where you and your students can have the learning experience of a lifetime when the magnificent replica ship berths in Fremantle. Captain Willem Janszoon and his crew made history in 1606 as the first recorded Europeans to set foot on Australian soil at the Pennefather River on Cape York Peninsula. In charting 350 kilometres of the coastline, Janszoon effectively put Australia “on the map”. Students will have the rare opportunity to discover the majestic beauty of a 16th century ship from the cramped confines below to the historic mapping room, feel history come alive as they uncover the pioneering spirit, wonder and mystery of life on the high seas four centuries ago. Join us on-board and share in the discovery of Australia’s rich coastal and maritime heritage. For more information please go to the Education section on this website