28-May-2013 This morning, under the command of Captain Ally we moved our little lady Duyfken from her home behind Little Creatures across to the Kailis Fremantle Boat Lifters, just north of the Endeavour Shed. Once we arrived, Little Dove was lifted out of the water as we all looked on in both awe and concern as she was placed onto the hard. 
She really was a sight to see, looming above us, and we spent quite some time inspecting her mysterious bottom side.  Andrew, the Bosun pointed out all the points of interest. 
After morning smoko in the park, the volunteers returned to the yard ready to begin the hard work. 
Finally back onboard, it was time for the crew to get reacquainted with a paint scraper stripping old red paint and Sikaflex from just above the deck.
As we worked, two workers from the boat lifters blasted off the barnacles, coral and old antifouling from her hull. It was quite amazing to watch.