Duyfken Port Bottled

YES…it’s true!

Nearly 12 months after being loaded aboard Duyfken for an epic ocean adventure, the Duyfken Tawny has left the comfort of an oak barrel, having now been dispensed into bottles for your future consumption.

This Tawny (Port if you will) has a story to it ....

As part of the ‘crew’ that sailed the ship from Fremantle to Dirk Hartog Island and then back to Fremantle, this port has been tossed around by 3-5 meter swells; it has been chilled by an Arctic blast whilst in Bunbury, and then soothed by 30 degree plus days in Denham. The result,according to the wine makers at Houghton, is that we have a very good one ready just for you.

Now, a bit of work has gone into preparing this vintage for your taste buds. Here, you’ll see a ‘hard-working’ team of Duyfken volunteers getting into the spirit of port bottling…and a grand job they did!!

Bottling in progress                                                       Labeling the bottles

The end result

Limited Release Presentation Box

NOW – there are only 243 bottles available from this vintage…and it’s a "oncer" - so once they’re sold, that’s it!

Priced at $45/bottle, they’re great value – and those $$ go straight back into supporting the good work of Duyfken.

Want a bottle or TWO?  Send an email to Pic Lee at administration@duyfken.com and she’ll send you an order form.

Be quick though…there are only 243 bottles available and we have many friends!