Can You Help Duyfken Sail Again?


Engine failure at start of twilight river sailing season

After the first weekend of our Twilight Sails, the Duyfken's two maneuvering engines engines suffered a failure. As a result, our Swan River Twilight Sails have been suspended until after 24 November.

After powering the ship for 18 years, including sailing to Europe and circumnavigating Australia, the Duyfken’s original engines have failed and parts are no longer available to make repairs.

The necessary replacement of both engines is a huge burden for a not-for-profit organisation to incur especially as we are about to enter our major revenue earning summer sailing season. 

The cost of replacement engines will amount to approximately $120,000 which presents a major problem to the Foundation as we have only limited financial resources. We hope you may feel empowered to assist us, as the decision has been made to reach out to the community, and people we know personally, to join us in an ambitious crowdfunding program that will raise the funds we need so that Duyfken is back in operation as soon as possible.

On the positive side, the new replacement engines will serve the ship for another 18 years and allow us to continue our important educational programs that saw over 4,000 school children visit our ship this year.

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Thank you for your consideration and support of this worthy cause.