2015 Annual General Meeting of the Duyfken Foundation


Duyfken Foundation in Good Hands

This year’s Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, 27th October at the Royal Perth Yacht Club Annexe in Fremantle.   30 members attended to hear an update on the past year’s achievements from Chairman, John Longley.

And an exciting year it was. One that has provided the groundwork for a major year ahead in 2016, with the 2½ months regional engagement program associated with the Hartog commemorative voyage.

A new Board of Management was elected as follows:

  • Chair                      John Longley AM CitWA
  • Deputy Chair          Ron Reddingius
  • Treasurer               John Anderson
  • Secretary                Louisa Schmidt
  • Board Member        Robin Chester
  • Board Member        David Kerbey
  • Board Member        Michael Lefroy
  • Board Member        David Bowden
  • Board Member        Vikki Baldwin
  • Board Member        Geoffrey Leach
  • Board Member        Kasper Kuiper
  • Board Member        Frank Kaleveld